We offer a variety of options for your professional development and educational needs.

TypeDescriptionContact HoursCost
Face-to-face workshopsThese evening and weekend workshops will be offered on a variety of topics. Refer to our monthly calendar for options.VariesVaries
Online Guided Explorations for LearningThe Guided Exploration is a professional learning experience in which educators are led through a series of online learning sessions related to a specific teaching and learning topic.Varies: 10 - 30 contact hours per module setVaries: $99 - $199
Online Professional Learning TopicsThese fully online courses offer the most current content, aligned with National Teacher Quality Standards and you can complete courses when it is convenient with your schedule. You will receive feedback from expert facilitators within 48 hours so your new skills may be applied to the classroom immediately. Click here for a full list of available options with descriptions.
Varies: 10 - 30 contact hours per module setVaries: $99 - $199 per module set
Online Book Studies - Coming Soon!Choose from our list of highly influential books for an independent book study. Expectations include reflections on each chapter of the book and a final 4 – 5 page paper on your overall impressions of the book. 20 contact hours per book study$149 per book study, plus the cost of the book
CoachingPersonal, individualized coaching that is customized to help you improve your teaching and help with your evaluation.NoneContact us for pricing information.
ConsultingNeed a thought partner or facilitator in a particular area of expertise? We have educational leaders who can partner with you. NoneContact us for pricing information.