Earn CEUs for Modules and Events!

Continuing education units (CEUs)* are available for many online module sets, book studies, webinars, and guided explorations offered through CPE! All you have to do is complete your online activity, and, if you want the CEUs (which count toward renewal of your Colorado teaching license), complete a special application at CU Denver. You’ll sign up online for the CEUs, and we’ll take it from there.

We’ll even pay your tuition.

Here’s how it works:
When you register for an activity, you’ll be asked if you want CEUs. Click “yes.” Complete your activity, and when you receive confirmation of completion, follow the included instructions to apply and register at CU Denver. Within a few weeks, you’ll be able to order a non-credit transcript* that lists all the CEUs you’ve earned.

Sounds easy…what’s the catch?

Well, since you ask…

  • While we take pride in our flexibility, we will ask you to plan ahead. See the table below for an idea of how long this whole process might take:
Say you need CEUs before… Step 1:
Sign up for an eligible activity by…
Step 2:
Complete the activity by…
Step 3:
Complete CU Denver registration by…
January 31 November 24 December 8 December 15
April 30 March 10 March 24 March 31
June 30 April 24 May 8 May 15
August 31 July 10 July 24 July 31
November 30 October 10 October 24 October 31
  • Also, we can’t leave the opt-in window for CEUs open indefinitely. If you want CEUs, you’ll need to register with CU Denver within 2 registration periods after completing your activity (see chart, above). As an example, if you were to complete an activity by December 8, you’d have until the following March 31 to register for the CEUs.

Remember, many of EDU’s online activities are self-paced, so you don’t need to wait for a class that suits your schedule. Sign up for, and complete, an online activity anytime…then enroll for CEUs, when you need them. No additional assignments, no extra cost. Just what you need, just in time.

Questions? Contact us at CPE@ucdenver.edu or 720-639-9229!

*Continuing education units (CEUs) are not academic credit. While CU will keep a permanent record of all of the CEUs you earn through us, these can never be converted to academic credit, nor can they count toward a degree program.