What Our Members Are Saying

As educators, we are charged with being life-long learners and improving our craft while being on the job and being students. EDU allows me to choose the best opportunities for professional development.

– Valerie Horton, CCSD Director of Differentiated Instruction

I plan on using EDU as a safe space to collaborate with a diverse community of teachers to improve my teaching. I also plan to use EDU to problem solve and implement school mandates.

– Deb Harding, Olde Columbine High School Math Teacher

Above all, great professional learning is something that is done for us rather than to us as teachers. Great professional learning is differentiated based on teachers’ needs and by experts in their field; it is hopeful rather than harmful.

– Karmen Kirtley, South High School Math Teacher

EDU provides the opportunity to collaborate with people from other schools and districts, bringing those practices and ideas back to my school. It also provides social-emotional support for teachers.

– Katie Jones, Teacher Leader

EDU addresses a lot of the frustrations that I have as a teacher with professional development that’s imposed or compulsory, whereas EDU is voluntary and meaningful.

– Shane McArdle, DPS High School English Teacher

As a busy mom of three and working full-time, EDU’s online professional learning opportunities are invaluable to me as an educator, making it easier for me and my family

– Monica Moreno Martinez, SVVSD Middle School Spanish Teacher